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You have to be carefull how you fight darkness, your weapons could turn against you

What do you hide?
What do you fear?
Skull and Bones is your game

Not mine, mine is the oposite

Ying Yang, poor people and elite

If Yang rules for so long, then Yin is close to come
For thouse who keep Yang to rule, Yin will come and make you fall

"You return 5 minutes in time

Yet you can´t predict the ultimate oposite detail"

uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics
no way to predict what is next and coming fall
And your false history burns down

"So then I will show my face,

this is only a face but we are all the people ...

The situation with my family today is harmonious, full of love and harmony and I hope that the situation continues like this.

Society has also changed, thanks to the different social movements ...

However, there is still much to change, and there is a large sector of society that refuses to stop attacking other people ...

Here is my vision of the family and social problem in 2013, when we were in "hell" (in quotes)

This video can be seen from different points of view and each person will be able to interpret it differently from different positions and theories, as well as on an individual level ...

What I want to say in the video is not necessarily what you understand, however, if you have a little empathy you can put yourself in my place, you must use empathy to understand me, but if you only see part of the video you will not understand anything, just by watching the entire video can be understood in an integral way

This is the video of Arión (me) that gave rise to the beginning of all the counterculture expressed on this page

In 2013 I wrote for the first time a text explaining what the family and social problem was like, which was hard for me to write, however, in 2014 I wrote the book "Lucifer Beast Dragon" literally throwing up my unconscious in the book, I wrote 3 pages per day and finished it in 3 months. Because I wrote my book from my unconscious, many things that are in my book became meaningful later, since when I wrote it I was not fully aware of all that it implied. I wrote the book from the bottom of my heart. I am quite aware of what my book means, however I do not think I am fully aware of all that it means, however my unconscious knows it.

My English in 2013 was not very good, so it is recommended to read the subtitles in Spanish


the expressions on my face can be strong for some viewers, as I express myself freely according to my emotions


Everyone who has seen the captioned video, loved ones, and therapists understand my point now


I do not mention the name of any person who interacted with me at that time for privacy, other than that of my friend Luis Mora, who died of cancer in 2013, a loss that affected me a lot "

Currently I no longer continue with my girlfriend from 2013, since our lives took different directions.

I show this video with love and affection, since perhaps whoever sees it may be going through a situation similar to mine and the video can help them, if you have a similar situation you can show the video to whoever you want

In this video I speak from the bottom of my heart, in my fantasy novel this is the expression of Lucifer speaking, obviously I am just a simple person who expresses his emotions, I am simply a mortal human being.

From my point of view everyone is free to believe in God or not, but it does not matter if God really exists or not, God is everything and is nothing, and God can be felt through the love of each person or animal with whom you live. , you can call him God spirit if you are a believer or simply love if you are an atheist,

The previous video, that of the apocalyptic horseman is supposed to be Satan or the dark side of innocence

Each person can react differently when breaking the barrier between the unconscious and the conscious, however, when done in a group, the unconscious of the people in the group talk to each other, which in my fantasy book I call "talking to God. "which is the collective unconscious.


"The most impressive thing about talking to God is his INFINITE HUMILITY, when he speaks to you he speaks to you as his equal because he does not have the slightest ego and his love is infinite." ... anonymous


I personally, when I am "awake" or connected to my unconscious, I do not act aggressively but if expressive, I react with words and emotions, and my natural emotions are of love and peace, and when we did it collectively there were no aggressions, however There were people who reacted by being very scared, one person fell into hypnosis and reacted very scared, telling me that we were all trapped, that there was not much time left, that there was an imminent danger, he told me why and then he lost consciousness and I forget everything after waking up But when she woke up she began to ask me questions about the topics we talked about, which made her come to "hypnosis". However, she could not tell her everything again because, by doing so, she was reaching the same hypnotic state. Also in other collective hypnosis or group hypnosis there were philosophical talks and awareness about the injustices of the system, talks that helped me to learn many things which I used to create this page, the videos and my book using my emotions and everything I learned.

Although they see me crying in the video, I know the strength in me, being strong does not mean attacking others, but rather being a person of integrity who follows their ideals despite the dangers of doing so.

If I have never assaulted anyone, then I have the right to decide on my own mind


We cannot wage "preventive wars" against innocent people

Words and ideas do not kill, physical attacks do.

My family has healed in a great way and the social struggle has brought different changes, but it continues

The video is just over an hour long, so watch it when you have time to do so.

Many of my books were taken from me

I cannot be a feminist or be a protagonist of feminism because I am a man, feminism is a women's struggle, but I can support feminism. I made the video before I knew what feminism was, when I met my current girlfriend, who is a feminist, I learned a lot from her about feminism and I realized that I agree with it, even with the radical feminism that seeks to eradicate the The root problem that is patriarchy, I also greatly support colored feminism.


Respect for the ancient mind is peace "

Arion (Lucifer Mascula)

PS There are only two lies in the video, the first is that I said that my father said rudeness to my mother, I don't know why I said it, I said it without meaning to, my father has never said rudeness, but he reacted in the way that I explain.

The other lie is that I have always been faithful, what happens is that it is an issue that hurts me, I was unfaithful only once in my life with my first girlfriend for reasons that I will not reveal for privacy, I had two girlfriends at the same time , but my conscience remorse me in such a way that I ended up confessing my infidelity, which seriously hurt my first girlfriend, of whom I still remember with affection and tenderness, the severity of the emotional wound that my infidelity caused in her was such that I felt terribly bad, so I swore to myself never to be unfaithful again, and never to be unfaithful again, since the feeling of hurting a loved person in that way is too strong for me and I don't want to go back to ever experience it. Throughout my life I experienced different types of relationships, when I have a formal girlfriend I am faithful, but when I have not also had friends with rights, what could be called an open relationship when I do not have a girlfriend, also, when my heart told me so , I stayed without a partner for 3 years looking for my spirituality, which I found despite the fact that the mental illness industry put many stones in my path, because by doing deep meditations and finding the connections between different levels of consciousness I was acting in a different way, without ever attacking anyone, which no one understood but had a meaning that would be understood later, it is now that I understand that consciousness  of the connection between the different levels of consciousness when there is more harmony in me and around me, now people understand it, not all in the same way, but they understand it, in particular people who live in poverty understand it a very deep way, as well as my closest loved ones.


Love and peace is the way

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