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You have to be carefull how you fight darkness, your weapons could turn against you

What do you hide?
What do you fear?
Skull and Bones is your game

Not mine, mine is the oposite

Ying Yang, poor people and elite

If Yang rules for so long, then Yin is close to come
For thouse who keep Yang to rule, Yin will come and make you fall

"You return 5 minutes in time

Yet you can´t predict the ultimate oposite detail"

uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics
no way to predict what is next and coming fall
And your false history burns down

"So then I will show my face,

this is only a face but we are all the people ...

The situation with my family today is harmonious, full of love and harmony and I hope that the situation continues like this.

Society has also changed, thanks to the different social movements ...

However, there is still much to change, and there is a large sector of society that refuses to stop attacking other people ...

Here is my vision of the family and social problem in 2013, when we were in "hell" (in quotes)

This video can be seen from different points of view and each person will be able to interpret it differently from different positions and theories, as well as on an individual level ...

What I want to say in the video is not necessarily what you understand, however, if you have a little empathy you can put yourself in my place, you must use empathy to understand me, but if you only see part of the video you will not understand anything, just by watching the entire video can be understood in an integral way

This is the vi