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Wow, now it turns out that intolerant people are going to die when they read or listen to inclusive language, poor thing, they may need medical help when inclusive language seriously damages their delicate eyes and ears .. they hurt me

What a waste of the Nobel Prize that was awarded to Mario Vargas Llosa, that this award may already be worth little, if a conservative ultra-right person with so few ethical and moral values like Mario can obtain the Nobel Prize, then any asshole can obtain it , the nobel prize is like modern music, anyone who compose a raggaeton crap that talks about drugs and sex with an obsessively repetitive beat can become famous, fame is within reach of idiots without creativity and almost without effort, even others make up for them, it is the same now with the Nobel Prize, and the proof of this is Mario Vargas Llosa ...

To begin with, as Mario himself says, Spanish is born naturally and acquires certain rules, but precisely because language is being built it continues to be built today, and we can build new rules ... language continues to be born. Second, Mario says that the Spanish language is naturally like this, but he does not take into account that this "natural way" has a patriarchal background of thousands of years of repression of men against women, that is why the Spanish language reflects thousands years of history of the patriarchy, so that "naturalization" of Spanish is forced by the same patriarchy, by the same male domination over women ... How can you talk about denaturing language, being your Nobel Prize in Literature? , without taking into account the history of language? How can you say that language is born naturally and not take the movement for inclusive language as a natural phenomenon according to the time? Well, inclusive language comes from the people and has a background in the fight against machismo, so it is also natural ... a shame that any idiot can receive the Nobel Prize.

PS Note that the whole context of the following video is mocking ...

pd2 The RAE says that it is NOT necessary to use inclusive language, but it does not say that we cannot do it or that we have to vent all our anger against who does it

I had not seen the video before, but it really seems RIDICULOUS the overreaction of society when attacking this person for asking to be called "companion" and not "companion" in a class or zoom meeting, ... it wasn't even elle who uploaded the video ...

Disorder (chaos, emotions)

Just as I don't have to wait to learn sign language to start respecting an elder, so I also don't have to learn sign language first to respect people who use inclusive language.

Wake up !!!!!!!! The ones who overreacted are the aggressors, not the person who asked to be called "partner", he is not forcing you to use inclusive language or is exerting control over you, you are forcing him and exerting pressure not to express himself freely ... even outside the legality exercising harassment, bulling, defamation, aggression and disseminating confidential information about him.

Everyone should be free to cry for whatever they want, crying is a natural expression of sadness and it should NOT be repressed

"According to figures from an investigation published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, in which 79 transgender people participated; transgender youth have a high risk of suffering from mental illness. According to this study, 74.7% of the people studied had suicidal thoughts and 30.4% carried out actions to kill themselves. "

Understand that what these people suffer are NOT mental illnesses, now it turns out that those who are attacked or attacked get mental illness ... which gives rise to the mental illness industry acquiring great wealth since, instead of doing something to fix the social problem, they give drugs to the oppressed ... better they should say that the aggressors have mental illnesses and are dangerous for society, because they attack people and commit crimes such as making public the private information of their companions in this news ... give psychiatric medication to the thousands of aggressors of these oppressed people because they represent a risk to society.

There is a HUGE difference between talking a lot about an issue to defend someone from injustice and OBSESSIVELY assaulting an innocent person ...

If you are one of the aggressors of the companion and do not reflect on it, the following video will be for you
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