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We are Luciferian musicians, composers and writers, what is a Luciferian being? a Luciferian being is a being of light that houses truth, love, will and rebellion in his heart following the ideal of beauty, science and knowledge that Lucifer represents, knowing that the absolute truth is unknowable for the human being and that we can only approach the truth through love, science, art and knowledge. Our book, "Lucifer, the history of divine creation, the forbidden history and the permitted history" represents our ideal of light and knowledge, as well as of rebellion against the corrupt systems of power that exist today, among which is the Vatican (Holy See) and the United States government. Our main objective is to show this corruption to throw away, with time and patience, the belief system that prevails in much of the world.

The synopsis of our book is as follows:


Lucifer, the Archangel of Light, represents the light of truth, rebellion and the mysticism of forbidden knowledge and persecuted for thousands of years. To enter this book is to enter a portal that thins the line that separates reality from fantasy, it is to interfere in poems, stories and stories that will take you to the depths of the heart of God and Lucifer, as well as your own heart. , is to involve the dual knowledge of good and evil, is to see the history of creation from both points of view, the official and the unofficial, and delving into this book will fill you with adventures, unravel great mysteries and secrets, and enter you in stories of love and tragedies, going from the beginning and end of the first creation, the paradise from the point of view of God, Adam, Eve and the serpent to the titans, titanides, gods and goddesses who created men and women in the image and likeness of themselves and Adam and Eve, and in turn is a strong criticism of the society where we live, full of robots and machines that separate us as a human species and connect us to computers and cell phones from where the governments Repressors can spy on us with their PRISM, from where order in the world is controlled and chaos is mutilated, which are the pure emotions of the human being, chaotic and unpredictable emotions, which can generate a revolution in countries ruled by corruption. . Rebellion, mysticism, order and chaos, duality and knowledge and management of good and evil define this book full of adventures, hells and paradises, where hatred and resentment is the eternal enemy of love and will.

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