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To Luis Mora Acosta (leader and singer of Zorba el Buda) (1982-2013):


Before he died, Luis Mora Acosta wanted to have a talk alone with me, so I followed him and we entered the deepest and loneliest part of his community garden, then he spoke with me and asked me some questions and I answered, which He said I consciously forgot, but I remember that it was a magical moment, almost as if it were not from this world, I felt a connection and spirituality in a way that I had not felt before and even though I forgot what he told me, it remained in the Deeper of my unconscious and my soul, I think that influenced me to write my book, make my website and live with people who live on the streets with almost no resources as well as with handicraft vendors with indigenous roots, Luis was a spiritual master, but not the only one, every loved one around me has taught me something.

"All the paths of goodness lead to enlightenment" Buddha

It does not matter if you are famous or not, if you are recognized or if not, if you have money or if not, if you accept proposals to speak in public or if you prefer not to do it to take care of your humility, as long as you follow the path of goodness you will reach enlightenment .

Of the last words of Luis Mora were the following:

"Friends, brothers, family: I'm leaving. I will be at my house in my last days. If you want to come, you are more than welcome. Thank you for everything. I love you very much. Each one has taught me in their own way. I am immensely happy to have you. known, for having shared my life with you, thank you for everything. I apologize if in any way I hurt you, by word, thought or action, at no time was my intention. I have given my best, but it is clear to me For days now the time has come to leave. I am not afraid of death, I only ask for your prayers, your energy so that it is a painless process. I know that death is an illusion, that the journey continues, it even moves me See what is on the other side. It is clear to me that we will continue to see each other and grow together until each one of us finds our full fulfillment, enlightenment and the experience that we are all one. Thank you for everything, light, peace, love and blessings always! We are still together. May all beings in this universe find happiness and let suffering and pain disappear. Thanks!"

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John Key Om

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