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congratulations to President Biden for his decision with this organization and for facing the US Bishops to make this decision

"The difference between a conspiracyist and someone who knows about conspiracies is that someone who knows about conspiracies has judgment and knows how to distinguish when there is a corrupt conspiracy behind a government action (such as the war in Afghanistan and Iraq initiated by the self-attack that destroyed the Twin Towers And building 7 of which there is almost no talk) and when actions are taken from the government or from people with the possibility of helping for a more just society (as Lopez Obrador does or as Biden did when confronting the bishops in the United States to support IPPF)

Instead, a conspiracyist believes that EVERYTHING, absolutely EVERYTHING that happens from power is a conspiracy, and their beliefs may border on the absurd, such as believing that there are aliens on Earth but that governments hide it from us, or believing that the Earth is flat and the photos of the spherical Earth are Photoshop, or believe that reality is a simulation made by computer and that we are inside a program inside a computer programmed by a being superior to us "... Arión

We applaud the work of the IPPFWHR in supporting feminist movements by financing NGOs that seek rights for women, likewise we applaud their support for the LGBTTQI + community, actions like this remind us that there are people with economic and social influence who really fight for a better, freer and fairer society, however, the ultra-conservative section of the world, in this case Argentina, seeks to destroy the advances that have been made thanks not only to this multinational, but to the effort and dedication of millions of people who are FAR from a society dominated by pseudo-values that are actually means of population control. Why does it bother them that there is birth control? birth control is chosen by each woman personally, no one is forcing other women to terminate their pregnancy, if you are against the legal termination of pregnancy then do not terminate YOUR pregnancy, but you cannot force OTHER women who are not you to carry out your pregnancy and have a baby ... NO need to hear reasons for a woman to decide to terminate her pregnancy, each woman should be free to terminate her pregnancy before 12 or 14 weeks FOR THE REASONS THAT SHE HER CONSIDER. It is a fallacy to say that there are women who abort on a whim, that they think that there are women who only get pregnant just like that because they know that later they can abort? Do you think there are women who go around getting pregnant like crazy and then have an abortion? Do you think you enjoy it? Do you think they even do it to annoy you? Open your eyes, a pregnancy is not easy at all and interrupting a pregnancy can bring psychological and physical trauma, I don't think there is any woman who does it for pleasure, if in itself it is difficult to make the decision to interrupt a pregnancy along with all of them. Its consequences we have to bear YOU who are stigmatizing, discriminating and attacking EVERY woman who decides to interrupt her pregnancy, we have to deal with doctors who judge patients who decide or decided to abort, we have to deal with a PATRIARCAL culture that has thousands of years giving opinion and trying to control the lives of others, and when a transnational company like IPPFWHR comes to support just feminist causes (or those of the LGBTTQI community), you come with your CONSPIRACY ideas to say that there are dark and corrupt interests behind the decision. of said transnational to support said cause ... let me tell you that a just cause is a just cause, no matter who supports it, And if they are so interested in transnationals, they should protest against Coca Cola, or against Sabritas, or against the oil companies that went to look for oil in Afghanistan and Iraq, or against those who plant 90 percent of the world's poppies in Afghanistan ... those are real corruptions and not mindless conspiracy theories ...

Here is a crude and clumsy attempt to stop and destroy the rights of women in Argentina
Here is what the IPPF really is, congratulations to President Biden for his decision with this organization and for facing the US Bishops to make this decision
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