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Osho or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh is the unknowable God, and Ma Anand Sheela is Lucifer, who came to this earth forgetting their divinity to teach us to awake, their knowledge and wisdom go hand in hand with their enormous goodness, humility and love. The awakening is painful when society lives trapped in a deeply rooted and millenary beliefs and customs that repress our emotions, the awakening of our natural emotions of love and will is a painful awakening for society that results in enormous love and harmony, generally these Awaken spiritual people are fiercely attacked by the most conservative sectors of society who want to impose the "normal" way of living on others, forbidding them to live, think, love, feel and express themselves differently from the norm established by social culture. In fact, if it were not for psychiatry, there could be many more awaken people, however one of the psychiatric criteria to medicate a person even against their will is that their behavior and their feelings and thoughts do not go according to the culture where they live, which is explained in the DSM in detail, if the culture cannot explain your behaviors or emotions, then surely you are mentally ill. This psychiatric idea that each individual should behave according to the environment that surrounds them, the parents who raise them, the culture where they lives, is an idea that traps us in the culture, in the society where we live and does not allow us to act against social norms. Of course, there must be social norms against crimes, but a person who, according to psychiatrists, is mentally ill, who does not commit any crime, should have the right to behave as he or she wish, psychiatry does not medicate dangerous people, dangerous people goes to jail, but most of the so-called mentally ill are harmless and do not commit crimes, these "mentally ill" people are the gurus and spiritual healers in some African cultures, and they were in America before the conquest, these same "mentally ill people" were the witches and warlocks of Europe, who have been discriminated and controlled by European society since millennia, burned alive and, currently, medicated with psychiatric drugs. The mind is the most sacred space of our being, and the choice to take psychiatric medications or not take it should fall on each individual, no matter how strange a person acts, if the person is happy with their behavior and emotions it should not matter to us if they have a sick mind or not, the person should be left to decide on his own mind. The mind is the most sacred and intimate place of each individual, and each individual should have the final decision of what to do with it, the mind is even more intimate than our body, because the mind makes up our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and our being. Internal and true "I". Forcing someone to take psychiatric drugs against their will leaves emotional traumas for those who do not want to do so and the psychological consequences that internments and medications against their will leave are equated with the consequences of sexual abuse and rape, many people who have been forced to take psychiatric medications against their will are left with trauma that can last a lifetime, not only because psychiatric medications can cause a change in the mind that the individual does not want, but also because of the mistreatment that is given to patients in psychiatric hospitals, where they are not treated as people with rights, but as mental criminals who don´t know what they want. Several experiments have been done throughout history introducing people who have never presented symptoms of mental illness in psychiatric hospitals, for this, these people faked symptoms, the result is that, once inside, despite the fact that they confessed to having lied Regarding their symptoms, the psychiatrists did not allow them to leave and forced them to take medications that are torture, they also had to say that they were improving so that, in a period of about 3 months, they would let them leave promising that they would continue taking their medications, let`s face it, psichiatrist don´t distinguish "sick" people from healty people.

It is not a secret that psychiatry is not an exact science, if not that it is subjective, as subjective as the mind can be.

Psychiatry is the only branch of medicine where they can force you to "heal" against your will using brute force, there is no other branch of medicine where someone is cured against their will, proof of this is that There are people who, due to their beliefs, do not receive blood transfusions when they need it to survive. Doctors do not force these people to receive blood transfusions against their will, but rather let them die of their own free will. The fact that psychiatry is the only branch of medicine where you are forced to cure yourself and take medications for life only speaks of the great concern of the governments that control psychiatry to order and control the minds of citizens, but if the Society is sick due to a great system of control through the church, which teaches us that our emotions are evil and sinful, resulting in a majority of people repressing their emotions, so perhaps the problem is not with the individual with a supposed "mental illness" if not that the problem falls on a repressed society that mutilates its emotions due to the largely Christian or Catholic culture, the nauseating advertisements that are on television and on the radio and other means of mass control and persuasion. 


Proof of the catastrophic effect that psychiatry produces on our freedom to think and feel is the psychiatric medication given to Osho, since Osho began taking psychiatric medications prescribed by his doctor, his spirituality disappeared, his way of being radically changed, he stopped being himself and therefore lost his qualities as a spiritual leader, he even planned his own death together with his psychiatrist, death from which Sheela saved him by taking illegal measures to do so. Osho was already addicted to psychiatric drugs so he did not understand the magnitude of the problem and blamed Sheela herself for trying to murder her psychiatrist, who in turn was going to help Osho to die. Psychiatry destroyed a city, the spirituality that grows like an epidemic of laughter and joy, the natural abundance in the human being and the soul of many people, that is why it is essential that awareness is made about this system of massive repression that makes people sick. to society, which depresses individuals and dirties our souls. If a person wants to go to a psychiatrist of their own free will, if they are really convinced that they need it and see improvements in their person by going to the psychiatrist, they can do so, but forcing people to take psychiatric medications using bruteforce is a crime to humanity

After stopping psychiatric medications Osho returned to normal, however he was brutally treated by the US authorities despite his innocence and persecuted around the world, finally the US government poisoned Osho to get rid of him. Osho taught us a world of infinite and free love, he taught us a paradise, a paradise where it is easy to have an emotional balance, but his society was attacked by the United States government and the conservative Catholic inhabitants in a brutal way.

Let's not lose the dream of Osho, the unknowable God who forgot his own divinity saying that he did not claim to be the son of God, who said that there was nothing special about him, except that he was asleep and woke up to help others awaken.

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