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We don´t care about how Britney behave, she have not comited any crime, she is innocent, so she can behave whatever she want to behave. I don´t care if her behavior is "ill" or "normal" I just want her to be herself, we are in a free world, we have freedom to believe and behave like we want to. If someone comite a crime he go to jail, but why do you treat Britney Spears like a Mind criminal when she have not hurted anyone? our mind is the most private and sacred part of us, even more than our body, so if you Obligate someone to change her mind with meds, then you are RAPING HER !!!!!!!!!

Free Britney, and not only free her, give her a good therapist to solve the trauma generated to her by psichiatry

I've seen cases of murderers  serials in Investigation  Discovery, clearly a lot of those killers have a mental illness, from my point of view, they just can't help killing people, they don't decide for them  themselves, their illness forces them  to  murder  people, however psychiatry  does not take  on  count these "abnormal" behaviors  and dangerous to society as symptoms of mental illness, psychiatry is simply not interested in the health and safety of people and society, psychiatry is interested in innocent and harmless people for the most part, as in people with ADHD , but from our point of view ADHD is not a mental illness, people with ADHD are simply distracted and playful, hyperactive people who do not like to concentrate on some things, they are harmless people, their behavior is simply "different" from the " norm "social. Psychiatry is misfocused, as it names, as a commandment of God, hyperactivity and lack of concentration in school as a disease of the mind, but rules out murder as a symptom of mental illness, which, from a point of view From a logical point of view, it is incoherent and absurd, since murdering over and over again like serial killers who cannot avoid or decide not to murder, is clearly a symptom of a mental illness and something abnormal, since any person of integrity with mental health never I would murder another person if it is not a soldier who is fighting in a war or a policeman defending society from criminals, why is hyperactivity a symptom and murder not?

The murderers should not only be arrested and imprisoned to protect society, but they should be treated by psychiatry and their "Abnormal" behaviors and thoughts should be strongly analyzed from psychiatric medicine for the benefit of society.

A person with ADHD does not represent a danger to others just because they have ADHD, so going to the psychiatrist should  be a personal decision, the same as with any other person with any other "mental illness" who does not commit crimes, instead a serial killer must  be treated from psychiatry even against your will, because you are harming third parties.

Ideas do not kill, a different thought does not kill, a different writing does not kill, the only way to kill another person is by ordering others to do it or using edged or non-edged weapons or their own hands to do so, and those who kill or sent to kill must be treated psychiatrically, and if there is no treatment a large amount should be invested  of money for  medically investigate  the mental condition of these murderers, not only give explanations about their tortuous past, since not all people with a difficult past are murderers, but  These behaviors have a bio-psycho-social origin that must be treated in an integral way.

From this point of view, serial killers or intellectual crime actors should not be treated as "normal" people, but as sick people who cannot decide.  themselves, they should be imprisoned to protect society and be treated, but not treated as people who can decide on their own actions, since many of them are not really able to decide for themselves and cannot avoid committing those actions. crimes, such is the case of Ted Bundy, who, even having escaped from prison where he was convicted of murder, continued to murder when he was free and on the run, knowing that he could be convicted of his future crimes. Clearly Ted Bundy had no conscience or ability to choose about his own actions, which is enough to define him as a person with a clear mental illness who should have a name and whose treatment should be extensively investigated by medicine.


It is not the same with a person with ADHD, whose diagnosis and treatment feeds and enriches thousands of psychiatrists in the world, whose subject is investigated and included in the DSM, even in the United States they can give you a treatment against ADHD even against your will, as well as with any other behavior that the handful of psychiatrists who write the DSM consider to be a disease.


Free innocent people with ADHD or any other "condition", do not force them to take medication, and treat real sick people, serial killers, rapists, animal abusers and anyone who represents a real danger to society

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