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Hello, today I want to talk about homosexuality, lesbianism, and unbelief. Homosexuality is not a sin, everyone is free to have the sexual orientation they want, our sexuality is private and is not the concern of God or anyone else.

Homosexuals are not guilty or sinful for exercising their sexuality freely

The idea that engaging in homosexual acts is a sin is an idea that disrupts our society and creates violence and hatred against homosexuals

Many people, especially Christian people, fiercely attack homosexuals because they rely on the bible to do so

However, according to a recent study that lasted 4 years, 80 percent of priests are homosexual and yet many of them speak out against homosexuality while having a secret homosexual life.

Homosexuality is not a sin and no one is going to go to hell for being homosexual, homosexuals do not need to regret anything

It is the same with unbelief, being an unbeliever is not a sin, everyone is free to believe or not believe in what they want

The condemnation of unbelievers in the bible only denotes its tyranny, a loving God would not send his children to the lake of fire and brimstone just because they do not believe in him.

If I had children and they did not love me or believe in me, when they could fend for themselves I would set them free, I would not burn them in a lake of fire, to do so alone would make me a cruel tyrant and murderer

On the contrary, I would continue to love my children even though they do not love me or believe in me.

A loving God cannot send unbelievers to the lake of fire and brimstone just because they do not believe in God.

Why do you think they say I am the beast? because my words are true, they have the edge of a sword and go through corruption, even that of the bible

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