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Good morning, I am aware of the corruption that exists in the art world, not only from my personal experience, but from the experience of people I know ... I am a musician, composer and writer, my music was going to appear in the cinema They had bought me music for a movie, however, due to difficult problems that I went through, I did not go for my first payment and I did not deliver the work, however, the problems that I went through helped me to write my first novel. .. with abuses in the writing process where they abruptly interrupted me, deprived me of my freedom and confiscated my writings (incomplete because I had not finished writing), without having hurt anyone, without having committed any crime. However, what I had already written I did not forget, if not it stayed in my unconscious and came out later to write it again and finish my first novel.

My novel and my writings have liked many people, generally townspeople of all ages, even though my audience is more than young people between 16 and 50 years old, even though there is a wider range of ages.

For me it would be extremely easy to profit from my own art and earn a lot of money since there are people with influences who have proposed me to do things with my book, which I wrote in the time of Peña Nieto influenced by the 68 movement and the #yo soy movement. 132 of which I was a part, as well as influenced by many other social movements.

An example of things that I have been proposed to do with my book is to create a new religion, a soldier from the Mexican army with influences read my book and was fascinated, so he told me that he had contacts and that we could create a new religion based on me. book, when he said such a thing I thought "religion?" and I didn't really know what to think, so I told my girlfriend and she didn't like the idea at all and she told me why and I understood it, and the main idea is that religions, for the most part, are used for profit and earn a lot of money talking about love ... which falls into corruption, so I rejected the idea of the Mexican soldier and continued my path of love, peace and meditation ... it is worth mentioning that the novel itself mentions "it's very easy refuse corruption, you just have to say: I do not accept "


After all the things that I lived through, I tried to put my music back in some medium to be able to survive as an artist, however it was impossible for me to find someone with the means to help me promote my art who was interested or interested in my music, the people from the town are interested, but people with the possibility of spreading my art are not interested, it's the same with my novel, people from the town are fascinated, generally people of low or middle "class" ... among them many students, although there are people who have a job who have also been interested, as well as people without resources who live on the streets with whom I have talked about the ideas expressed in my book even though they cannot read.


My book was published with Grupo Rodrigo Porrua (which is not Porrua), but I don't know if the publisher thundered, I knew that it was immersed in different means of corruption, but I didn't really investigate much, I also knew that Porrua sued Grupo Rodrigo Porrua .. .

My book was printed and even sold, however the publisher has not paid me a penny of the sales ... also I did not like what they did with my book when editing it, so I do not like to give away or sell the copies of the publisher that I have, if not that I made a few prints of my book with my own editions that are, in reality, adding things to the book.


In general, the ideas in my book are expansive depending on where and how they are exposed, I do not know if among all the people, but if I have perceived it with the people with whom I speak in the streets, or with friends ... In social networks it depends on where you express those ideas, even though when an idea acquires more than 200 reactions in less than an hour, it has always been deleted from Facebook for some reason, so the ideas that I expose that could have gone viral are always erased ... likewise, when I show my book or my writings to people with power within art, they respond to me with absolute silence.

As my book is titled "Lucifer Beast Dragon" (formerly Lucifer, the story of the divine creation) I have also spoken with priests about this or about writings related to it, and when I have delivered writings to priests in person they open their eyes as very scared When reading my writings, they say absolutely nothing and I leave ... in the same way, on the internet, I have shown my writings to some priests and, although I am not rude or aggressive and I speak of love and will, they respond by blocking me.

Only one priest was interested in my novel for the purpose of performing an exorcism on me, I accepted the exorcism (even if I don't believe in them) only if said father read my novel, and the father read it to understand what kind of "demons" ( in quotation marks) inhabit me, however, when reading my novel, as he said, he laughed, cried, was moved and moved, so instead of performing an exorcism on me he became a Luciferian Christian. That is the only church father who, as far as I know, has read my novel, and said father has problems with his superiors for being too liberal, since he also performs marriages between members of the LGBTTQI community among other liberal actions that he performs. .


In general, I have received silence with my writings and ideas from people who have power in the artistic media, there are even editorials that have received me very kindly, but after seeing my writings they raise my prices to absurd levels or they respond to me with absolute silence.

There is a publisher interested in publishing my book, but I have to raise money to publish it, anyway my real goal is not to make money with my art, but to make it known to as many people as possible, so, in our page, my writings and books can be read in PDF for free, I have also given my book to different known or unknown people.


As it has been impossible for me to officially enter the artistic world, I have decided to finish studying English (I am almost finished) and I started studying mathematics at the university (I am already halfway there) I like both subjects and I enjoy them, although lately I have devoted a lot to writing on social issues, including the issue of Afghanistan. I am a member of Mensa, the world high IQ society, so I think I have all the tools to survive in this society, and once I can enter the capitalist system through English and mathematics, maybe I can find a way hint of making my art known to more people.


I leave you our website, in this you can find a large part of my writings for free ... I leave you 3 links, the main one, that of "warning, Afghanistan" and that of the free book in PDF




"Fantasy has no limits" ... the endless story 666

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