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Femicide has a social and cultural origin, biologically it can have a minimal incidence because there is no advantage or evolutionary reason for a man to kill a woman, if the reason is reproductive through criminal methods (rape, which should also be punished) it makes no biological sense to murder the woman with whom one tries to reproduce

The main reason for male aggression towards women is the emotional repression of many men due to the macho culture, because they learn to repress their own natural emotions to demonstrate their manhood and express them indirectly by attacking women, who, due to culture, they are somewhat freer to feel, so repressed men project their own repressed emotions onto women while they attack them. This repression of emotions does not allow these repressed men to see women as human beings, as they suppress their natural empathy when dealing with women, instead they see them as sexual objects that can be their possession, which is a paradoxical injection injected into many men from the patriarchy and from the bible itself, which is explained in the section "Pope Francis" (Pope Francis is a good social fighter but needs to make even more changes within the church)

In the same way, there are many men who, when rejected, feel seriously hurt and offended, so they react, in the same way, with aggression and harassment, these emotions are false and have to do with the false ego, a rejection, naturally, it does not provoke a violent reaction in people, it can cause sadness and it can be painful but up to that point, however, men who see themselves as "superior" to women and who see women as inferior to them They cannot bear that a being they consider inferior can decide to reject them, in the same way if said macho man considers himself "handsome" or attractive in some selfish way, perhaps a rejection hits him much more in his ego. We have to understand that every human being is worth the same, be it a man, a woman, a transsexual or whatever, only by knowing that no one is superior or inferior can we be in harmony with our natural connection with other "emotions"

Femicides are outrageous, cruel, ruthless and disgusting, any murderer must be imprisoned, but, due to a greater vulnerability of women, a femicide takes advantage of having greater physical strength than his victim, so the punishment must be even greater .

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