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Dare you, dare you, double dare you

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Female Lucifer, the beast, is who she was and is not, but nevertheless she is, this puzzle has many points of view, and the dilemma between being and not being makes the beast be who she was and is not, but nevertheless she is. This dilemma between being and not being makes the Gods be, and each god has a different dilemma between being and not being, when reading the book "Lucifer Beast Dragon 666" maybe you can solve some of the mysteries of the beast, but here We give you one of the many results of the puzzle.

From the biblical point of view "to be" means to have influence in the world, so I leave you the result of the riddle of the Beast from that point of view:

The beast is who she was because she previously had influence in the world in social and spiritual movements such as the Cathar movement in Europe, or the pre-Hispanic religions in America, or the African religions, or the oriental ones.

The beast is not because at this time the beast has no influence over the world, or power, or fame, in fact the beast is little known in the world and only a handful of people know it, the beast thus passes as a citizen ordinary living a normal life, and the reason why the beast does not express itself openly in society is because, if it does, there are massive methods of repression such as psychiatry, since it works the same as witch hunts, Due to the testimony of the people around you, if your behaviors are out of the "normal" culturally speaking, you are admitted to psychiatric hospitals against your will, that is why the beast acts normal according to society, and even if well the beast has a heart full of goodness and inherently good justice, the beast is the light and dark side of innocence and knows how to do witchcraft.

The knowledge of witchcraft that the beast has is not shared with other people, but the beast contains that knowledge and keeps it, although its knowledge in witchcraft could be shared one day in the future, sharing it at this time represents a risk for this group, especially for the beast, so it can only leave riddles and puzzles scattered around the world about the mystery of its being.

The beast, however, is, because, even though it is not, that is, even though the beast does not have a direct influence on the world, it is, since the social and natural events that are happening in the world.  The world has everything to do with the beast, feminist movements, movements of the LGBTTQI + community, indigenous movements, the left, social protests in the United States against social repression, the left in Mexico and in the world and a long etcetera. , the Beast represents all those movements that are given for justice in search of a better society, so, although it is not, it is nevertheless.

Does Lucifer exist? In reality, she exists as an idea, as a concept, her existence as a divine being cannot be verified, nor can her nonexistence, what is certain is that she can exist in our minds ... and what is it? Lucifer ?, is a being of light that inhabits our unconscious, it is beauty, it is freedom, it is expression, it is light (as its name implies) and it is the opposite of some of the Christian doctrines, if not all of them. Lucifer is not a being of hatred, if not quite the opposite, she is a being of free love, where everyone is free to decide who to be with, whom to love, who to approach and from whom to move away. We are free to marry, and we are free to separate, our natural free emotions make us love each other because we are social beings, but these emotions also make us desire other people who seem extremely attractive to us ...

Lucifer can thus be seen as a being of beauty and spirituality, it is the freedom to think and to feel, they are figures and forms, it is knowledge and science, it is art and philosophy, they are questions about being, it is thinking about thinking, it is realizing one's own existence, it is innocence and discovery that breaks that innocence ... it is being ...

Lucifer is our naked being, without masks, without clothes, without weapons, he is our totally defenseless and innocent being, without clothes that protect him from the cold, the wind or prying eyes, he is our erotic and sensible being, intelligent and seductive .

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