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Carta al Vaticano (2013)

“Así que mostraré mi cara
Esta es solo una cara pero somos toda la gente
Y vamos a hablar del problema social real que enfrentamos ahora
Y liberar solo parte de la información total que hemos conseguido
Si esta información es falsa, entonces no tienes nada que temer y la dejarás fluir
Si esta información es de alguna manera verdadera y te hace sentido, entonces tienes que elegir
Si esta información te hace sentido y te está afectando a ti o a tus seres queridos entonces querrás compartirla y hablar acerca de ello
Si eres parte de la construcción de este dolor paradójico, entonces esto es peligroso para tus creencias, y puedes intentar matarme o torturarme, pero al matar o torturar solo vas a ser destruido por tus propias construcciones paradójicas, al ser esta información verdad mientras eres parte de ella siendo consciente de alguna manera sobre que es de lo que esto se trata y no paras este dolor
Si intentas parar o borrar esta información verdadera serás fácilmente detectado por paradojas que son más grandes de lo que piensas
Así que empecemos, he aquí un video con lo que la gente pide, en un profundo nivel de conciencia
Y después del video una pequeña parte de cómo funciona este sistema de represión


Esta verdad es para la iglesia, entendiendo que esta verdad puede ser vista desde diferentes niveles de conciencia
Así que este es el trato
Voy a decir que está escondido en la librería secreta de la iglesia que está extremadamente protegida para que esta información continúe siendo secreta hasta tiempos de extrema necesidad
No existe ninguna diferencia si digo como conseguí esta información o si no o si liberaré más información en el futuro, por ahora
Si esta información es falsa, de nuevo, la iglesia no tendrá nada que temer y dejará a la gente expresarse y a este mensaje y a su cargador ser
Si esta información es verdadera y te está afectando a ti o a tus seres queridos, tal vez querrás compartirla
Si esta información es verdadera y has ayudado un poco a seguir inyectando dolor y tienes un poco de conciencia, entonces tal vez quieras saber cómo se escapó esta información de tu lugar escondido
Casi no hay forma de probar o saber cómo esta información se escapó, solo una y solo una manera
Y tratar de investigar como esto se ha escapado solo hará que seas detectado por las paradojas que construiste o ayudaste a construir
Solo una vía para que esta información escape
¿Tal vez sabes un poco de cómo?, ¿tal vez sabes un poco por qué?
Y si no puedes cambiar, t atrapará en esta extremadamente dolorosa construcción paradójica que has ayudado a construir e inyectar en las almas humanas
Pero si puedes cambiar, estarás a salvo y tu voluntad será
En un nivel de conciencia que la iglesia esconde, en un gran resumen, el conocimiento secreto de la iglesia enseña métodos paradójicos para controlar a la especie humana
Esto incluye como inyectar dolor paradójico en sus almas que se expresa con sus emociones

Así que aquí está”

Pope Francis, unlike most of the Popes in the church, has fought against corruption, money laundering in the Vatican and pedreastry within the church, and has also fought to protect nature and the tribes that protect it. Respecting their culture and their rights as human beings, the work of Pope Francis, contrary to the previous Popes, is in accordance with our requests to society in many ways, however we wish to ask that the changes in the Vatican not stop there, if not that they continue, for example, we make the request to abolish existing abominable words in the bible and preach the true words of love in it, in addition to allowing women Popes to exist, as well as bringing a better harmony with their counterpart "Lucifer" and everything it represents. The Yang (the Vatican) must coexist in harmony with the Yin (Lucifer) and not in an infinite and endless war, where Lucifer represents the pagan religions, the witches and witches burned and burned in the past by the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church , heretics (such as Cathars) murdered by the hundreds of thousands on Vatican orders in crusades and holy inquisitions

We represent that part of society that has been oppressed for thousands of years, and that continues to be so today through the mental illness industry (now they don't burn us at the stake, now they medicate us against our will )

The church alleges that the word in the bible is divine, and that it is the word of God, therefore it applies for all times, however, when a criticism is made of some words in the bible, many believers respond by saying that said words they are explained by the social context of the time when they were written, and these two arguments strongly contradict each other.

We ask, as a society, according to the requests of the LGBTTQI community and the feminist social struggle, that the following fragments of the Bible be discarded and not printed, which generate violence and discrimination against vulnerable groups, and these words are the following


1: Corinthians 14:34

Your women are silent in the congregations; because they are not allowed to speak, but are subject, in submission, as the law also says.

This verse must be removed for 3 reasons, 1- when saying "your women" women are given the quality of an object of someone else's possession (her husband or her boyfriend) when no woman is an object of someone else's possession, if not He is an upright human being with rights. 2- In this verse, women are asked to remain silent in the congregations, thus denying them the possibility of giving their opinion or leading groups. 3- In this verse it says that women should be subject and in submission, however no innocent human being should be subject to or submit to anyone


You will not sleep with a man like those who sleep with a woman; it is an abomination.

This word should be removed from the bible, since it generates hatred against the LGBTTQI community even in atheistic people, since the culture of hatred towards this community has been moved by the bible for 2000 years, if people believe that homosexual acts they are abominations, then they will have a biblical pretext to discriminate and attack homosexuals. It should be noted that the bible mentions male homosexual activity disparagingly, but it does not speak of female lesbian activity, and it is to be expected, since coupled with the fact that, as 1: Corinthians 12:34 says, if the woman should be subject and in submission, then the woman is given the quality of an object or of a human inferior to that of men and is not considered, from the bible, as a human being equal to a man, if not inferior and submissive, therefore that the bible only ignores female sexuality and relegates it to submission to her husband.

Deutonym 22:

5 »A woman should not dress in men's clothing, and a man should not dress in women's clothing. Anyone who does such a thing is detestable in the eyes of the Lord your God.

This word must also be removed from the bible, each person has the right to dress as they wish and be respected

Deuteronomy 22: Ordinances on Sexual Purity

13 “Suppose a man marries a woman but, after sleeping with her, despises her 14 and publicly accuses her of shameful behavior, saying:“ I married this woman and found out that she was not a virgin ”. 15 Then the woman's father and mother will have to bring proof of their daughter's virginity to the elders while they are judging at the city gates. 16 The father should tell them: “I gave my daughter to this man to be his wife, and now he despises her. 17 He has accused her of shameful conduct, saying, 'I found out that your daughter was not a virgin.' However, here I have proof of her virginity. " Then the parents will spread the marriage sheet in front of the elders. 18 The elders will take the man and punish him. 19 They will also impose a fine of one hundred pieces of silver, [ b ] to be paid to the woman's father for publicly accusing a virgin of Israel of shameful conduct. The woman will remain the man's wife, and he will never be able to divorce her.

20 “But suppose the man's accusations are true, and he can show that the woman was not a virgin. 21 Then they will bring her to the door of her father's house, and there the men of the city will stone her to death, because she has committed a shameful crime in Israel: she has been promiscuous while living in her parents' house. In this way you will cleanse that evil that is in your midst.

22 “If a man is found to be committing adultery, both he and the woman must die. In this way you will cleanse Israel of such evil.

23 “Suppose a man meets a young virgin who is engaged to be married and has sexual relations with her. If such a thing happens within a city, 24 you must take them both to the gates of that city and stone them to death. The woman is guilty for not yelling for help. The man must die for raping another man's wife. In this way you will cleanse that evil that is in your midst.

25 “But if the man finds the engaged woman in the field and rapes her, then only the man should die. 26 Don't do anything to the girl; she did not commit any crime worthy of death. He is as innocent as a murder victim. 27 Since the man raped her in the field, it will be assumed that she screamed, but there was no one to help her.

28 “Suppose a man has sexual intercourse with a young woman who is a virgin but is not yet engaged to be married. If they are discovered, 29 he must pay her father fifty pieces of silver. [ C ] Then he must marry the young woman for having raped her and never in his life will he be able to divorce her.

30 [ d ] "A man should not marry his father's ex-wife, because such an act would be a dishonor to the father.

These words must obviously be removed, it is outrageous to say that words like these can be divine words from God, A loving God does not send a woman to marry her rapist, there are not even words to describe this abominable passage of the bible. . If this word is preserved somewhere, it should be clarified that it is not a divine word but from a sexual pervert.

We will expose more words from the bible that should be removed from it later.


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