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Today I want to talk about some key concepts about the unconscious.

Officially Sigmund Freud is the one who discovered the existence of the unconscious in the human being, and I say "officially" because in ancient American civilizations before the arrival of the European human being there was already knowledge of the existence of this "unconscious", so To say that Freud is the first discoverer of this human nature is not to give importance to the ancestral knowledge that was already had about this human quality.

In fact, it is wrong to say that the human mind is divided only into "Conscious" and "Unconscious", because rather there are "Levels of consciousness" so the "unconscious" has many levels that can be accessed through techniques of Deep meditation that includes forgetting all our beliefs and learnings that we have had throughout our lives while we meditate, in this way we can access the different levels of consciousness.

In America, as in Africa, before the arrival of the "white human" there was great knowledge about the different levels of consciousness or "unconscious", which gave rise to the existence of gurus and spiritists and people in general " magic "that, in a natural way, could access the individual and tribe unconscious, thus being spiritual guides for society.

The unconscious has its own way of processing reality and is a reflection of it, and while the unconscious processes reality in the form of what we call "Fantasy" (formerly known as magic) there is a deep connection between "fantasy" and reality"

Freud was the "first" European to discover the existence of the unconscious in human beings, however the "unconscious" or the "fantasy" or "magical part" of the human being in America or Africa before the arrival of the white human being did not It was completely similar to the "unconscious" of the European human, since from the American or African tribes this unconscious was not as repressed as in Europe and it constituted a fundamental part in the spirituality of the human being. In Europe, on the other hand, the unconscious or our "magical" part had already been strongly repressed throughout history when Freud "discovered" it, since Europe already had a long history of repressing our unconscious part. When Freud discovered our unconscious there had already been a hunt for witches and heretics who were killed, many of them burned alive, so the "witches", the "witches" and the "heretics" who were the equivalent people to the gurus and Spiritists and "magical" people in America and Africa before the arrival of the white human, had been brutally murdered and repressed (repressed through exorcisms and torture) throughout history.

All this emotional and spiritual repression that began with the Roman Catholic Church and Catholicism and Christianity itself (but based on older religions that repressed our spiritual part and which I will not mention in this writing) lived within the unconscious of the people of Europe, so the unconscious of people in general in Europe was an unconscious with many more conflicts than people in America or Africa.

In the world where we live, European culture, including Catholicism and Christianity, are very widespread, so now a large part of the world population has inherited this repression within themselves in the "spiritual" or "fantasy" or "part. magic ", although not everyone represses this human part in the same way today, many people do it with the consequence that there are aggressive and violent people who, by repressing their own emotions within themselves, express them by projecting themselves onto others people while being attacked.

I do not want to delve too much in this writing on psychoanalysis, yet, I have talked about my way of seeing the most basic concept of psychoanalysis in the book "Lucifer Beast Dragon" in cultural annexes within the book, however now I want to talk about two issues in specific that psychoanalysis deals with.

The first is what Freud called "penis envy", if you read a little Freudian psychoanalysis you will realize the existence of this concept, I am not going to explain how Freud addresses it, if not that I encourage you to read psychoanalysis books and read about this concept.
What did Freud really discover when he spoke of "penis envy" in women? well, obviously this concept is not literal, it would be ridiculous to think that most women are envious of men because they have a penis and they don't, seeing it literally borders on the absurd and the desire to have a penis applies only to a minority of transsexual women who wish to change their sex to be men, some building a penis and others keeping their female genitalia, but in reality, what Freud discovered deep down when he speaks of "penis envy" is the collective unconscious that exists in society about the social problem that is patriarchy:

Let's see it this way, if in a patriarchal society, as was the society where Freud lived and as it still is in many respects now, a woman realized that men have more privileges than women and in general more opportunities, then , unconsciously (or consciously) you may think: why do they treat men differently than women? Why do they give them more privileges than us? and the almost immediate answer is "because they have a penis and we don't", so "penis envy" is nothing more than a representation of the social problem "patriarchy" that exists in our society, it is not "envy "In itself, if not expressing outrage over how a man is given more privileges than a woman just for having a" penis "(by just having a penis I don't mean the penis itself, if not everything that this represents, actually the "penis" is a representation of the phallus, although it is not the only one)

Even today, despite all the feminist struggles, men in general have much more power in almost all respects than women, it is no coincidence that almost all the presidents and people with power in the world are men, so that there is no equitable distribution of power, however, despite the brutal evidence of the existence of patriarchy, many men refuse to see such evidence and only ignore these facts (conscious or unconscious convenience)

Men, in general, have much more power and economic, sexual, social control, etc. than women today in almost all the world, in fact the existence of patriarchy is VERY evident and at the same time invisible by those who do not want to see the trouble.

A second aspect of psychoanalysis that I want to talk about, and which is discussed in the book "Anteia Arden" is the concept invented by Freud "Hysteria and belly disorder" This idea that some, if not all women are "hysterical" (or emotional without reason) or uncontrollable, or unpredictable because the existence of their belly creates an emotional "disorder", it is an idea that only serves and aims to have women under control (of men) and if a woman wishes to free herself from male domination so, very conveniently by power, they are called "hysterical"

This idea of men's control over women did not start with this concept from psychoanalysis, but has been around for a long time, from biblical ideas that women should remain silent in congregations and in submission (to their husbands) to the existence of societies and countries where women are married from an early age to men much older than them without having the freedom to choose who to marry or whether to marry or not, in addition to the existence of trafficking in white women.

Maybe later I will talk a little more about the unconscious, however, if you want to delve deeper into your unconscious, find out more on this site that is written with "magic" (or from the unconscious)

To finish, I must affirm that there is a collective unconscious, I am not saying it at all and I am not the first person to discover the existence of this collective unconscious, if not that there are quite a few people who have discovered this phenomenon, my theory is that, thus Since it is theorized that the brains of some birds are connected by quantum entanglement, the brains of human beings are connected to each other by quantum entanglement from the unconscious.

And where does psychiatry come into all this? Well, it's quite simple, actually the DSM books that psychiatry and all the psychiatrists in the world are based on and that for them is like the Bible to Christians, is built by the vote of a small but powerful group of people ( or false scientists) who in meetings and by voting decide which behaviors, feelings, thoughts and in general human expressions that they do not officially understand are disease and which are not, so the supposed "mental illnesses" are the result of the vote of the robotic psychiatrists of that small but powerful group in the United States who choose what is disease and what not towards some human beings.

Some of these definitions of "diseases" were discarded from the DSM later and only after there were social protests against real social problems, as happened with the supposed mental illness "Escapemanía" that was described in psychiatric books at the time of slavery. , "Escapemania" was a supposed mental illness that some of the slaves in the world had that made them want to escape from their slavery.

Not only "escapemanía" was considered a mental illness, but also homosexuality and transsexuality, which were discarded as mental illnesses not because of medical discoveries, but because of global social protests that demanded for rights and respect for the LGBTTQI community.

Today there are many expressions that people do not officially understand in some people, expressions that are the result of real social problems that come from a long time ago, and as the system of repression has increased, so has the definition of mental illnesses, existing today. these days, hundreds of so-called mental illnesses define what we are officially not supposed to feel, think or express.

The struggle of the emeritus psychiatrist Thomas Szasz who rebelled against psychiatry by starting an anti-psychiatry movement is important and we must follow it, it is outrageous that with so many governmental injustices the problem is avoided just by saying that many people have become ill of the mind and that they need drugs that mitigate their extra brain activity so they are happy and fit into society (like robots)

There are people who have already expressed this problem in artistic and scientific means, as in the books of Thomas Szasz or in "fantasy" books such as "Brave New World" or "1984"


Love and peace are always the way