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Lucifer, the story of divine creation

Curiosities in the book "Lucifer Beast Dragon":

A God jealous of other Gods is a false God, because as God is infinite humility, he has no ego and therefore cannot feel jealous to the degree that is mentioned in the bible.

2- If God is jealous of other Gods, then he is affirming the existence of other Gods

Whoever claims to be the truth acquires ego, if I come to say "I am the truth" then I am saying that I am somehow superior to the rest of humanity for being the truth ... which gives me ego ... the words true about the truth are very different from what is mentioned in the bible


The words about the truth are as follows:

Words of the divine carriers of the Archangel of Light:


"I carry the truth, the truth is in me, but I cannot reach it without your love or will, because without your love or will I reach it, it will cease to be true, you will remember that truth that has become false, and I will forget that falsehood , because I carry the truth, and the only truth is your love and will "

These true words are very different from saying "I am the truth"

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