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In 2014 I started to write the book "Lucifer Beast Dragon" under another name, however, in the writing process there was a violent interruption of which I am not going to talk in detail in this writing where all my writings were taken from me and I They deprived of my freedom without having physically attacked anyone and being innocent, then a person who held me captive had the urge to electroshock my head to "heal me" (destroy my brain a little bit) despite the fact that, being captive , I was always peaceful and sociable with the other captives and with the caretakers, having raised my voice only once without physical aggression to the person who held me captive in protest for having drugged me a few minutes before she saw me for the first time, being That is the only time that my captor saw me during all my captivity, however, my loved ones did not allow that (the electroshocks thing) to happen. What happened while my writings were taken from me served me later to finish my book since I did not forget the writings that were taken from me, but rather they remained in my unconscious and came to my consciousness later on.

Then, I wrote and finished two more books by hand "Lucifer infinite Dragon" and "Lucifer Black Dragon- Chaos Dragon" which, as in the process of my first book, were forcibly taken away depriving me of my freedom once again being innocent myself and I never saw them again, however, at this moment, I am already rewriting the book "Lucifer Infinite Dragon" which, surely, will have some differences with my original handwritten book completely, these differences are for Well, the book will be much more complete.

I still don't know when I will rewrite the book "Lucifer Black Dragon-Chaos Dragon" but I will surely do it at some point in my life

If you are interested or interested in the book that I have already written or in which I will rewrite, do not hesitate to contact us.

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