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You have to be careful how you fight the darkness, your weapons could turn against you

my age? we have many ages

my name? I have many names

We are Anonymous, we are Legion

The anvil:

This Catholic ultra-right group acquires its power by being supported politically, economically and logistically by ultra-right political groups such as the PRI and the PAN, as well as the Orange Movement and the Mexican episcopate, which is in many and diverse forms of corruption. , these people USE the name of God as an excuse to gain power and social control. Dias Ordaz supported El Yunque to crush the movement of '68 ... in the 1970s, the anvil infiltrated the PAN into Mexican political life when Luis Felipe Bravo Mena, a member of the Yunque, entered the 1976 convention.

The splendor of the Yunque was the papacy of John Paul II, this pope was ultra-right and an accomplice of horrendous crimes such as the cover-up of child abuse by priests and bishops. John Paul II was the great idol of the Anvil and of the ultraconservatives. Pope John Paul II supported the neoliberal movement.

Today it seems ridiculous to us that an organization like this continues to exist (just as it is ridiculous that the brotherhood of death "Skulls and Bones" exists), however these ridiculous right-wing ultra-Catholic groups continue to exist, they speak of God but are disconnected from the people. , they do not care about poverty and only use God as a pretext to justify their crimes and corruption that allow them to continue having privileges ...

If you want to know more about the Anvil, read the book:  

The anvil. The Far Right In Power




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