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The educational system in Mexico at the higher level:


Good afternoon, today I want to talk about my vision about the educational system in Mexico at UNAM and UAM in physics, psychology and mathematics.

Before talking about my vision of this problem, I would like to mention, anonymously, several personal and social aspects

The reason why I write this "anonymously" has to do with the social problem at the educational level in Mexico, especially in exact sciences, I do not know how are the different educational systems in the world, but I think I have a presentiment that the problem in educational systems It must be similar in different parts of the world, and there may be better and worse educational systems regarding the problem that I will mention in this writing.

In summary, in the Mexican educational system at the exact sciences level, the real problem is that there is a lot of ego in these careers on the part of most teachers, which they transmit to the students, and this ego and need for control has as As a consequence, most teachers do not have much tolerance towards students in general, since if their class takes a slightly different course from what they expect, they may react with shouting, verbal aggression (on some occasions, few but there are), disqualifications subtle or direct and in general with little understanding towards students who ask questions in class.

This behavior in most teachers, with honorable exceptions, forms most of the problem in the exact sciences education system.

I'm going to start talking about this problem by saying that personally I have all the tools to be successful in the exact sciences, I took the test for Mensa, the global high IQ society, and I passed it, which is why I am a member of Mensa .

When I took the Mensa exam, I finished it early, having answered each and every one of the exam questions, as I had time to spare, I reviewed my exam and corrected some finger errors so, I believe, I answered each and every one of the questions correctly

However, the policy of Mensa Mexico is not to reveal the IQ that the test you did marks that you have in order not to generate egos among Mensa members, so I do not know what my IQ is since they did not give me the result If not, since my IQ is higher than the IQ of 98 percent of the population, since I am within 2%, then I am a member of Mensa

It should be mentioned that, at least in my person, there is a direct influence between psychiatric drugs and my level of performance when taking IQ tests, psychiatric medications not only dirty my mind, but also influence my performance at the same time. time to take IQ tests, and I say that they dirty my mind for reasons that I will not write here, since that dirt in my mind, although it might seem not serious to others, left me with a trauma that I have learned to overcome . I have done some IQ tests while under the influence of powerful psychiatric medications and my score drops dramatically, it is still well above the average but considerably below the minimum necessary to be a member of Mensa, when I did the message test I was taking psychiatric medications in a moderate way and in doses much lower than those that have forced me to take in different stages of my life, and now that I hardly take psychiatric medications (and that I have the possibility of leaving them completely) I understand abstract concepts in a much more profound way, in addition to having a much deeper "imagination" or "fantasy" and sensitivity and empathy.

Either way I have no real interest in knowing exactly what my IQ is right now and maybe never in my life.

I leave here, anonymously, my Mensa certificate, and I leave it anonymously because precisely the educational problem at the exact sciences level has to do with the competition and comparison of students indirectly and perhaps unconsciously by many teachers, many of which they get upset if a question does not seem intelligent or use subtle disqualifying terms towards students who ask questions that they do not consider at the level of the course, which is why I have seen many colleagues leave the race and dedicate themselves to something else.

In 2000 I entered the physics career at UNAM, and my experience was very pleasant at the beginning in the first trimesters, my grades were excellent and I always participated in class.

However, before entering UNAM, I had to wait a while to enter the career, since the strike almost closed the university. I do not doubt that there were social fighters with a genuine social interest among the students who were part of the UNAM strike in 2000, however, once the strike ended, some of the CGH members entered our classes to talk to us about political issues within the university, I noticed, at that time, that most of the members of the CGH who entered the classes to speak to us and who sometimes spoke through loudspeakers, had false twisted emotions and did not really have an interest in the UNAM or In society, I noticed it not only because of their twisted emotions, but also because of their incongruous speeches, it was not very difficult to notice that these false students had personal interests and that they were in collusion with different groups and corrupt organizations.

Well, I am not going to delve much into the subject, but despite the constant interruptions and gossip from these corrupt groups within the UNAM, we, my colleagues and I, continue with the classes.

I spent several semesters with excellent grades, however some loved ones who took classes with me began to have problems.

My partner at that time began to have problems with her grades and began to compare her own performance with mine and to feel that she was not useful for the career, the harshness and lack of interest of many teachers for students who had problems were having their consequences in my partner (and not only in her) so, one day, my partner decided not to attend an exam, since he felt that it would be useless, so I told him "if you miss the exam I miss you and you I accompany "so we both missed the exam, I was with her and tried to help her with her emotional problems generated by the difficult environment in the race.

That was the first time I skipped classes to help other people, but not the only time, I finally gave up the degree for that reason and my partner finished it and now he is exercising his career. To give an example of the harshness with which many teachers treated students, I will give the example of a calculus class in which I personally did excellent, where I participated and got good grades, the teacher treated me and the students well. "notable" students (in quotation marks) but he was very harsh with anyone who had problems understanding the course the first time and, far from helping them and worrying about the group in general, he treated anyone who asked a question very harshly. considered "silly" (the teacher did not say the word "silly" but meant it). The culmination of these mistreatments of his students occurred one day when he spoke seriously with the group and said: "I think that in this class there are many students who do not have a vocation with a career, their intelligence is not in the area of mathematics or mathematics. Physics, I invite those students to reconsider their careers in this area and consider changing careers to another where they can do better. "

Treatments like this towards students are not the exception, if not the rule, unfortunately, due to the HUGE ego that exists in many exact science researchers, who forget humility and altruism, many students abandon these careers.

I have also met humble teachers and researchers who really have a genuine interest in students and teach in a dynamic and fun way without discriminating against anyone, but they are in the minority. If the majority of people who work in exact sciences had a little more humility and consideration with the students, the classes would be more dynamic and fun and many more students would succeed in the race and finish it, the point is not to dismiss the students. students that we consider "with few abilities" because when we consider that a student has few mathematical abilities we are judging, from our subjective perspective, the reasons why a student may have problems in class, these teachers who judge the knowledge or abilities of students Students believe that they are remote living IQ detectors, they believe that they have a radar to detect intelligence in their students or the lack of it, it seems that, apart from studying physics or mathematics, they had studied to be psychic and enter the mind of the students, almost as if they were fortune tellers, magicians or Professor Chals Xavier who, in X men, can enter the minds of others.

Many teachers who are successful in their careers forget humility and acquire an impressive ego that they themselves cannot see, and I do not say that everyone, but this ego problem represents most of the social problem at the educational level in exact sciences, Mexico could have many better researchers and teachers if teachers worked to reduce their ego and be more humble, in addition to taking didactics classes to have better tools to teach in class.

In psychology in general, teachers are infinitely more considerate, humble and accessible to students, with exceptions, I am not saying that in psychology everything is perfect, but if we compare the ego of exact science teachers with the ego of science teachers psychology the humility of psychology teachers stands out.

The problem in psychology is that, after several semesters with very interesting teachings, some controversial, others with different theories that can contradict each other in some aspects, there comes a time when, in class, they teach you the DSM, then everything that you learned in psychology loses sense, since, as they teach you, if you notice certain behaviors, feelings, emotions or thoughts in a patient, you should transfer it to a psychiatrist, and if you ask in class the reason why these behaviors, feelings, thoughts or Emotions (forbidden) are a disease they answer that you as a psychologist do not have the knowledge about it, if not that the doctors are the ones who have to take these cases.

Curious, I was not comfortable with that explanation, so I went to the UNAM library to study psychiatry books from its bases and what I found was horrible, horrible, nauseating ... which is explained in different sections of this art site, including the main book on this page.

Now I study mathematics and in general I liked it a lot, when the classes were face-to-face it was a lot of fun, I really didn't care if one of the teachers despaired of my way of participating or correcting her mistakes (which she ended up correcting) and yelling at me in front of of all angry, finally the questions and corrections that I made helped me to learn and I got MB with her, where MB is the highest grade, and not only with her, I had excellent grades in all my classes.

However, precisely because of that, because many teachers react by shouting, or disqualifying, or questioning our skills or knowledge, many students do not dare to participate in class, so in most classes I am one of the few who participate, almost no one participates and many drop out of classes or the race due to this problem.

Now, in online classes, it has taken me a bit of work to adapt, I do not feel the same having online classes than in person, in general the environment is different for me and some classes bore me online.

I also want to mention that, doing deep meditations while studying properties of prime numbers as a hobby before starting my math career and being clean of any psychiatric medications (I was not taking them at that time), I discovered a property in how prime numbers appear in the numerical system, the way in which they appear is a fractal form with projection towards infinity where negative numbers are like the projection to infinity of this fractal, and the fractal, or form in which the prime numbers appear, is constructed by means of the previous prime numbers, where 1 is the first number that, although it is not formally considered a prime number, begins the construction of the prime numbers and each new prime number that appears helps to construct the form in which the following appear .

I have this fractal in my head, however, before studying mathematics, I did not have the mathematical language to express this discovery formally, now, after taking my first quarters of mathematics in college, I have learned some formal mathematical language, for what I did, not long ago, the first sketch of my idea with formal language on the basis of my discovery (I did not write everything I discovered, only the bases) and I showed it to an excellent teacher who gave me algebra fundamentals, The teacher read my work and understood it and told me his professional opinion, he also told me that my work, if I develop it further, can be used to solve much more important problems.

I do not know yet if I want to dedicate part of my life to formally write this fractal with mathematical language, the online classes discourage me a bit to continue with this mathematical path, however, in my time, perhaps adapting to the online classes or Maybe when we go back to face-to-face classes, maybe I plan to continue with math (now I take online classes and try to adapt) and, at some point in my life, I don't know when, maybe I will present this work on prime numbers in a formal, maybe it's my math thesis :)

Greetings and I hope this writing serves a little to help solve the educational problem.

I do not remember which famous researcher and professor of exact sciences said the following phrase, which all the teachers in the world should follow:

"When you teach, treat your students as VERY intelligent people who do not know, that is why they are there, because they want to know and learn, DO NOT treat them as if they were idiots who should already know"
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