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Before talking about the H basis of psychiatry, we want to say that we are aware that psychiatry is useful and has helped many people, there are testimonies of people who had many problems and when they went to the psychiatrist many of those problems diminished, we and We are not against this help, if not the forced medication to people who feel better or freer without the medications, thus, we also ask that anyone who wishes to stop their medications can have the freedom to do so being those people the the only ones who can have the final decision on whether to do it or not to do it (stop the drugs)


We believe that many of the supposed mental illnesses have their origin in the modern social environment in which we live today and do not have, as psychiatry alleges, a biological origin, of course each person has their own biology, we are similar but we have our own differences ... however, we think that many of the supposed disorders would disappear when changing environment ...

For example, we argue that some of the most serious and dangerous disorders for one's own life, such as depression, would never have occurred if the person lived in a natural environment such as that lived in ancient American civilizations before the conquest of the white man ... and, probably, said "disorder" can disappear if the person seeks a life in nature full of beauty and adventure where he has to fight to survive ...


Likewise, we maintain that ADHD is not a disorder, but that they are simply people who do not focus on certain topics that do not make sense or interest them (consciously), but who, nevertheless, have a great capacity of acquiring information from all sides in a conscious or unconscious way, we also maintain that the information that is taught to which, apparently, they do not pay attention, in reality if they absorb it unconsciously ...

We also maintain that both bulimia and anorexia are not disorders, but learned behaviors caused by the insertion of subliminal messages in the media by overvaluing underweight, on catwalks, movies, advertisements, etc. in turn, it is a consequence of the insertion of junk food and unhealthy food in society such as Coca Cola, potato chips, unhealthy hamburgers, Pizas with an excessive amount of fat, etc. which makes people gain weight unnaturally and this, together with the subliminal messages that overvalue low body weight, end up creating behaviors in some people known as "bulimia" or "anorexia

And just as we have heard testimonies from people who are served by psychiatry, we have also heard testimonies from people who have been tortured through psychiatry ... and not only that, we have investigated how this system of social repression works ...

Here's how this system of social repression works ...

The base H of the psychiatric construction:

In our society there are two natural phenomena that occur between human beings, the first is empathy, which makes us able to put ourselves in the shoes of others by connecting through our natural emotions, the other phenomenon is projection, through the which we deposit our own unacceptable emotions on the most sensitive people while blaming them for it, both phenomena are complex and both have a natural and social reason for existing.

However, in the  society  western, for millennia,  the projection phenomenon has  been taken advantage of  by the power  so  not natural in the human species. This projection phenomenon can  indulge  in a  group of  persons  towards a single person, the  which they point to and  blame among many, the designated person  normally is  The most person  sensitive who is  plus  free  To feel. Does not have  that  happen that EVERYONE points  to  said people, you can  indulge  the case of,  in an environment  Social  of love, said person  is treated with love and affection, either by his family or by a certain group of friends, while in another social environment, the same person who is treated with love and affection in some social environments, is indicated in others.

This phenomenon is what today  today it is known as "Bulling", which was used by the church to burn, torture or repress sensitive people who were free to express themselves accusing them of witchcraft or being possessed.

People who are singled out in a group and who receive a natural deposit of emotions from other people, naturally choose what to do to heal society naturally, their actions, emotions, writing and what they do in general can cause social controversy in groups of people, however this controversy has a natural reason for being to heal society.

It is worth mentioning that an apparently opposite phenomenon can also occur but that it is actually the same phenomenon, and this is "ignoring someone in a group" it can also happen that, after pointing out someone and bulling them in a group, the group decides to ignore to that person, but if everyone ignores a person, then everyone points to him for a moment and then ignores him.

The controversy expressed by said indicated people did not like the power of the church, so it responded by torturing or burning and murdering those who tried to heal society, accusing them of witchcraft or heresy, both the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church carried out this repression. brutal in society for a long time thus preventing the natural healing of the human species in Europe.

It should be mentioned that these criminal acts could be carried out in large numbers of people, as in the Cathars who, without harming anyone, were accused of heresy and exterminated from the face of the earth, thus murdering hundreds of thousands of Cathars who so they only preached peace, love and freedom.

This same phenomenon gives rise to the base H of psychiatry, it is not a coincidence that one of the "symptoms" exposed in the DSM is that the person feels singled out or persecuted by groups of people, naturally this phenomenon of persecution happens in our society , the clear example is the Bulling that some people suffer for large numbers of people, the problem is when the family itself deposits or projects its own unaccepted emotions on the most sensitive member of the family and then they blame him for being sick, or They worry about this person, when they worry about said person, many families go to the psychiatrist, then, since the person feels persecuted, the psychiatrist quickly, without really understanding the family or social problem, diagnoses it and gives them powerful medications that mitigate the activity brain "Extra" that is expressed in ways that many people do not understand and that they consider "undesirable" thus preventing these sensitive people from taking action. ions, sometimes controversial, that help heal society naturally.

In the short term, the medication of sensitive people can have a curative effect, however, the fact that the medicated person decides to stop taking their medications has a long-term curative effect on society, however, at the governmental level, At least in the United States, there is no real interest in society being cured, so many psychiatrists say that the medicines that their patients take should be taken throughout their lives, while convincing the family of it arguing that their " disease "jamaz will disappear and he will have it all his life.

This is the base H of psychiatric construction, maybe part of psychiatry helps some people, but psychiatry mixes people who can benefit from psychiatry with sensitive people whose minds they do not understand (officially) and who do not require medical treatment, Therefore, the real reason for the existence of psychiatry is the base H of the psychiatric construction whose main objective is to avoid social revolutions in the face of social injustices and to control and label people who represent a danger to power.

The base H of the psychiatric construction works by the same method with which the witch hunt worked in the past, however today this method of repression has a "Medical" pretext, however psychiatry has no real medical bases, if not that only looks at the thoughts, behaviors or actions of certain people to repress them with drugs.

It is not a coincidence that psychiatry is the ONLY branch of medicine where you can be forced to heal even against your will, there is no other branch of medicine that does this, so much so that if a person needs a blood transfusion To survive but she refuses to receive it due to her beliefs, the doctors do not use brute force to force this person to receive the blood transfusion, but they let her die of her own choice. This simple fact that distinguishes psychiatry from the rest of medicine shows that psychiatry, pretending to help, is actually a reflection of the great government interest to control people's minds, so that we all think "the same" or "similar", so that no one has different ideas than the culture is supposed to allow you to have.

Another fact that evidences this system of repression is the fact that, in psychiatric research, only the FACTS and "evidence" are taken into account that allow to continue building this system of repression while the FACTS and evidence that go against of this belief system are ignored and not taken into account, which is very evident and anyone who investigates more deeply about it can realize this.

If you really want to know more about how psychiatry works, I recommend that you go to a library and read psychiatry books from their bases, I assure you that the only thing you are going to find, in short, is how they do experiments with drugs to mitigate brain processing extra that they consider undesirable without any other logical explanation to explain these natural expressions not understood in the human being, in addition, they often include text about how successful this industry is, and it is evident that they do so because this industry is a multimillion dollar industry that generates enormous amounts of money that people earn within this system without many of them having a real interest in their "patients" or in helping society, if not that, after being trapped in the belief system of the DSM, they follow the rules robotically and, many of them, really believe that they are helping society without really putting interest, affection, love or will in doing so, if not they "help" (in quotes) just following robotic rules without actually helping.

Of course there are also psychiatrists who  They are aware of what they are really doing with their robotic work and there are also rebels against this brutal system of repression, such as Thomas Szasz, a psychiatrist emeritus who rebelled against psychiatry by starting an anti-psychiatry movement.

Thomas Szasz is not the only rebel who acts or acted out of love and will even against the rules and belief system, but there are more people awake than  he rebels not only against psychiatry, but also against different methods of repression and social control, such as John Lennon, Yokono, Osho or Edward Snowden.

Let's follow the example of Argentina where psychiatry cannot be applied to any person against their will

"Respect for the mind of others is peace"

Words said by some psychiatrists to one of the writers of this site:

The code name "Hecate" will be used to talk about this person and their experience in psychiatry.

During an internment where the diagnosis was schizophrenia:

Psychiatrist A: "Hecate, whenever you leave the mental hospital and stop taking your medications, you do something that draws everyone's attention and then they put you back in"

Hecate's thought: then am I the one who feels persecuted or in reality they persecute me because I attract their attention? ... I do NOT feel persecuted, as you said, my actions attract the attention of (in your words and according to the psychiatrist himself ) All the world

PS when they do not medicate me, accidentally and due to my natural emotions, I can draw the attention of many people around me and know me in real life ... on the internet the phenomenon is more complicated, because it depends on where I write, yes on my social networks or anonymous sites

In another previous detention:

After convincing psychiatrists and psychologists that I do not have a mental illness, but what happens to me is that I am extremely sensitive and empathetic and I am not indifferent to the problems of others, in addition to saying the phrase "Respect for the mind of others is peace "the psychiatrist they imposed on me decided not to give me medicine, because his conscience did not allow him to do it against my will ... so he stopped seeing me and they left me hospitalized for a longer time without medicine, time in which I continued to be peaceful and loving ... then, one day, an unknown psychiatrist arrived who asked to see me, and he saw me only once, I did not know him, it was the first time I had seen him. When we were alone he told me the following a little annoying:

Psychiatrist B: Hecate, I know you stopped the medicine, I want to tell you that no matter where you go, whether you go to the forest, the jungle or remote places on the planet we will find you, there is no way of escape ...

Hecate's thought: then should I? or  I should not feel  persecuted because of what  that you me  is saying ... (sarcasm)

I still do not feel persecuted naive ... :)

Serious talk from the last psychiatrist imposed on Hecate after discussing increasing her sensitivity and empathy by reducing the dose of medication after Hecate expressed that she had wishes to die and anguish since being forced to take medication, sensations that she did not feel without the drugs:

Psychiatrist C: Hecate, I want to be clear and honest, there is a reason why we medicate you, to protect you, because if you do not take the medicine you become extremely sensitive, your sensitivity and empathy grow exponentially and then you want to help everyone You have already lost yourself because of that, also, because of the things you write and say, you are in danger, if you keep talking without medicating yourself one day they will kill you, since the things you say provoke people who are not good.

Thought of Hecate: Mmmhhh that is what you say, not me, I still do not feel persecuted, I do not feel in danger but I do not care if they kill me, as you say it can happen, because of my ideas and writings, I am not afraid of death, moreover, if they kill me they will only prove the fact that people who fight for justice and love still in  against  corruption in  power is often killed, as they did with John Lennon, Colosio and other social fighters.

If you feel worried about me and therefore want to control my mind, I suggest you seek a psychologist to treat your concern and stop trying to order or control my mind

I STILL don't feel persecuted, naive ... Hecate



When I was hospitalized they gave me powerful sedatives to sleep ... while I was asleep I had something that was not exactly a dream, but rather a feeling that they were sexually abusing me ... I really don't think such a thing happened and I think it was part of my fears to be in a place where I could not go out and where a @ carer @ was always next to me and followed me everywhere and slept outside my room in a chair, and in some psychiatric hospitals, inside of my room on the floor ... I think that feeling was just a reflection of the fear that my parents would put me in the "care" of unknown people that we had never seen before ... the caregivers ... being conscious I got along well with the caregivers and they were very kind to me so, if such a thing happened, I'm sure they weren't, but I don't think something like this happened to me ... however if they happened, in some mental hospitals, other things, horrible things, in some psychiatric hospitals if they happened and In others, no, there was a psychiatric hospital where I did not witness torture, but there was another psychiatric hospital, the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, where they had posted a code of ethics that, if you cited caregivers or psychiatrists, they ignored you and where many of the Patients said, I was there for decoration, in this institute there were people who, without hurting anyone and being calm, tied her up for hours or days for whatever reason ... like an old man of about 90 years who did not represent a danger to anyone and that it was peaceful, she was tied up night and day, or a woman who was tied up in her chair all day, really maybe they untied her to walk with her for about 20 minutes a day and the rest of the day they kept her tied up ... like this They tied people up just because they were distressed, like a peaceful woman who was distressed because she could not get out of there and wanted to talk to a psychiatrist, this woman, even though she was distressed, was not being violent, if not that she was a not very insistent, so what they did was tie her up for hours, which increased her anguish ... they showed little interest and affection, since the people who "took care" of the inmates only worked robotically without having an interest and affection in the patients ... necks ... robotic ...

Personally, in my internments I did not learn of any sexual abuse ... however, I have heard testimonies from inmates who have been sexually abused in psychiatric hospitals ... I am not saying that this is a rule, and I want to believe that they are exceptions where the Corruption enters psychiatric hospitals and not in whether all psychiatric hospitals are corrupt ... but my DEMAND is that they put CÀMARAS in ALL psychiatric hospitals so that, if there is an act of cruelty or abuse against the patients, they have a legal tool to defend oneself and report ... since, in this society, the word of a patient has no value even if it is true, and the word of a psychiatrist has all the value even if it is a lie, belief, projection , misperception or whatever ...

I want to mention another effect that the psychiatric medications that I was taking have and they forced me to take, I went to the psychiatric hospital 3 times ... twice I left medicated and once without medication, when I left medicated I felt enormous anguish and the desire to die that The horrible psychiatric medications caused me, that caused a tension in me that became sexual tension ... to alleviate this sexual tension I had, on some occasions, not many and always being without a partner, online sex with any stranger, no I cared if it was a woman, a man, a transsexual or whatever, with the existence of a person on the other side of the web it was enough ... I did not do it many times but I did, and well, this fact hurts me not because My sexuality bothered me, if not because my sexuality taking those medicines that they forced me to take was not natural, so I made a drawing that expresses what I felt about it, in fact I made many drawings about it ... I will be posting my drawings In this space, I start with the drawing of a falling angel woman, but the angel is naked and can be seen from behind ... those who are downstairs waiting for her fall wait to rape her ... it is worth mentioning that, when I do not take medicine, I still that if I have a sexuality, my libido is much less frequent, I have much less sexual activity, infinitely less frequent, but when I have some sexual activity I enjoy it much more, infinitely more ... so with medications I have a lot of unpleasant sexual activity and without medications I have little but very pleasant sexual activity ...

I leave my drawing:

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