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To understand what happened in the conquest of America by the Spanish (and after the English in North America) it is not enough to read the official history books, since they relate the official Spanish version of how the events happened during the conquest. , facts written by Spaniards who, conveniently, twisted and modified history at their convenience to pretend that they were doing all this to build a better place, thus omitting their thirst for power and conquest in foreign territories (or using official pretexts to obtain power)

Miguel León Portilla was the first Spanish-speaking writer, Mexican and professor at UNAM, who was interested in knowing the version of the events that occurred during the conquest of America from the point of view of pre-Hispanic civilizations, thus, this excellent human being He was concerned about soaking up pre-Hispanic culture, learning Nahuatl, and studying pre-Columbian codices, thus creating his book "The vision of the vanquished" which tells a very different story from the official Spanish version about the conquest of America.

Christopher Columbus was imprisoned by Isabela the Catholic for enslaving the natives to obtain power, it is true, but the actions of Isabela the Catholic and the Spanish Catholics did not have a better panorama, since, despite the order of Isabela the Catholic was to treat the natives with love, he also ordered to evangelize the natives and impose the Catholic culture in America saying that the American cultures were works of Satan, for which pre-Hispanic Gods and Goddesses were destroyed and the people of America were converted to Catholicism by force (although the official version is that they did not use force but in reality they used all means, including brute force and paradoxical methods of mass control, to force the indigenous peoples of different American cultures to forget their culture and adopt the Catholic culture that prevailed in Spain and Europe)

The reality is that the Spanish came to bring suffering and pain to pre-Hispanic civilizations who lived in harmony with nature and society, with their differences between the different American civilizations, some more peaceful and others more violent, but never reaching the level of violence and repression as well as thirst for power that has existed in Europe by those who have controlled governments for millennia (so much so that in Europe they murdered their own spiritual people accusing them of witchcraft or heresy)

If you are really interested in how American culture has been subjected and forced to fit into the European concept of culture, read THE VISION OF THE OVERCOMED by Miguel León Portilla, you will be surprised at the inconsistencies that you will find in the Spanish version of events after read this wonderful book.

Of course, in Spain there is also a great culture and there have been rebels to the system, in Spain there is an impressive cultural diversity, so much so that we can mention wonderful and rebellious people who have existed in Spain such as Miguel de Cervantes who wrote the wonderful rebel novel " The ingenious hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha ", the same writer who was imprisoned and tortured due to his rebellion and great sense of justice

We can also mention Leon Felipe, a highly rebellious and sensitive Spaniard who rebelled against religion (as in his poem "la parabola") and yet, despite rebelling against doctrines, had his own vision of God whose texts are not can be found today on the internet. He also rebelled against the Franco government, Leon Felipe was a rebel with a cause.

In the field of painting we can mention Salvador Dalí, one of the best painters in history.

Cultural diversity and rebellion exist all over the world, the problem is that power does not usually respect people who create excess controversy, so much so that almost all the "enlightened" have been killed or poisoned, like John Lennon, Osho, Hypatia of Alexandria, etc. (or tortured and burned like witches) in some way, however the passage of these people through this world has had an incalculable impact on humanity, so despite the dangers of being a rebel with a cause, this cause is worth the sorrow beyond even our own life and existence.

The reality is that the conquest did not bring any benefit to the indigenous peoples since, even today, despite the apparent progress, almost all those who benefit from this "progress" are people with European ancestors, white or mestizo people, while Indigenous peoples, today, live in conditions much worse than those that existed before the arrival of the European human being, since before the conquest these peoples, who depend on nature to exist in harmony and stability, lived with health conditions that, although they were not perfect, were much better than now, as we can observe in the aboriginal tribes of the Amazon who are healthy and strong people who have never had contact with modern civilization and who live in harmony with nature and are connected and connected to it.

Today, many indigenous peoples suffer because, due to climate change, deforestation, discrimination and the abuse of power against these groups, both their means of survival (nature) and their respect for these divine people have diminished. greatly since the conquest until today. If we can also think that today we live in a better world thanks to medicine, for example, the reality is not so encouraging, not only because many people without resources cannot access quality medical services, but also because many Of the diseases and illnesses of people are caused by the food and drink industries, such as coca cola, potato chips, soft drinks in general and in general all the junk food that they have forced us to consume through paradoxical methods, we are Very few people still refuse to consume these foods and drinks that make us sick, because many people have these foods and drinks embedded in their unconscious and that is why they continue to consume food and drinks provided by people of great power, whose main objective would seem not to be the money itself, if it did not make as many people sick as possible, if these junk products did not exist, the people would not need so many hospitals (they make us sick for then heal us).

Of course, non-discrimination campaigns have been carried out against indigenous peoples, to help their means of subsistence, campaigns against coca cola, etc. and in general social programs for social welfare, however, despite these programs, the situation for the original peoples of this continent has worsened greatly since the arrival of Europeans until now, many people whose ancestors were proud and healthy Mayans , Aztecs, Zapotecs, etc. Those who lived with pride, strength, courage, health and in harmony with nature, today live forgotten in the streets (of Mexico City for example) wandering without a home, depending on whether people decide to give them a coin to survive, some others selling their handicrafts and products inherited from their ancestors in order to barely survive, to have what they need to not die, while the people who are heirs to Europeans, the majority, live in luxury, in luxurious houses and cars, high class , medium high or medium, the majority ignoring the people who are originally from this continent.

We can do a lot to improve this society, starting by stopping the internment and drugging of middle or upper-middle class people in psychiatric hospitals who realize this social problem and want to help the most vulnerable people, it is no coincidence that in the DSM one of the symptoms of mental illness is an impulse to give away your material objects, which is an official pretext to continue to have control of society and for each individual to maintain their "social status", the rule is that people With money that decides to make large donations of resources to poor people without the help of an organization, she is incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals accused of being mentally ill, which is outrageous and denies us the possibility of acting differently from the rules.

We have to advocate for respect for the cultural diversity, opinions and beliefs of each individual in this society and abolish mental control over how we should behave, feel, think or express ourselves, the fact that certain people are hospitalized and psychiatrically medicated for their ideas, behaviors or feelings only make it clear that these feelings, behaviors or thoughts are forbidden ideas, so in this society there is a prohibition of ideas, behaviors and feelings with medical pretexts.

"The vision of our Spanish ancestors is not necessarily the vision of their grandchildren, who can advocate for a cultural exchange, respect for diversity and harmony between Mexico and Spain"
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