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Request to "Ficticia Editorial" and in general to any publisher or organization interested in spreading our art:

"Good afternoon, the reason for this email is to contact you to make a proposal, we are a group that fights for love and will as well as science and knowledge, the members who directly or indirectly are part of this group are creators of different branches of art, as well as students, teachers and researchers in exact sciences such as physics, mathematics, medicine and other branches of science


The reason for this email is to express the interest of the members who are directly part of this group in sharing our art with you, the scientific part we already share in other media, thus, our proposal is to donate our art to a fictitious publisher so that you decide what to do with it, we do not have profit so we do not need remuneration for the sale or distribution of our art, but our main interest is that it is known.


There are already people who know our book and we have received very good opinions of it in general, almost all the readers of our novel that borders between fiction and reality have been delighted with our book, with a few exceptions from very few people who so they only read  the first few pages and did not read it in full to those who did not like it.  


Our art is a book, a small notebook, paintings created by hand and retouched with computer techniques, artistic photography, some retouched with computer methods and others not, poems and classical music and other genres, although I doubt that some of our compositions have a genre yet.


We fight for love and will and our art includes current social issues that support important social movements such as feminism, the fight of the LGBTTQI community, the fight for human rights, the fight for each person to be free to decide on their own mind and body (for which we join the request to release Britney Spears and all people living in a situation similar to hers) the fight for the environment and ecology, the request to powerful governments that do not invade foreign countries to obtain power under official pretexts, which includes the request that there be no more preventive wars against harmless countries, the request for respect for different cultures and beliefs, and the request for respect for people who do not want to fit into the culture where he lived, being able to create his own culture or counterculture without anyone attacking him for that and a long list of social causes that advocate greater justice AI and equity.


It is worth mentioning that, if our book is published by you, our wish is that it remain anonymous and that data on the gender, age, or name of the person who wrote the book is not revealed, even though whoever has an interest in these data may deduce them by investigating a little, to which we are not opposed.


I attach the book in PDF, Anteia Arden's notebook and one of my paintings :)



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